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Power Exchange Central Europe

PXE Markets

Markets Month Quarter Year

  • Czech Republic

    month236.34 € +0.00%

    quarter219.95 € +0.00%

    year148.31 € +0.00%

  • Slovakia

    month242.84 € +0.00%

    quarter225.10 € +0.00%

    year151.89 € +0.00%

  • Hungary

    month260.00 € +0.74%

    quarter240.00 € +0.44%

    year156.36 € +0.00%

  • Poland

    month131.72 € +0.00%

    quarter124.84 € +0.00%

    year116.05 € +0.00%

  • Romania

    month258.09 € +0.00%

    quarter238.95 € +0.00%

    year156.36 € +0.00%

Value of 12/3/2021 | 2:51 PM

Last price for 12/3/2021
BASE LOAD M01-22236.34242.84260.00131.72258.09
PEAK LOAD M01-22319.16332.16337.17164.17337.17
Data online - Futures
Last price for 12/3/2021
BASE LOAD Q01-22219.95225.10240.00124.84238.95
PEAK LOAD Q01-22295.19304.79311.19155.00311.19
Data online - Futures
Last price for 12/3/2021
BASE LOAD CAL-22148.31151.89156.36116.05156.36
PEAK LOAD CAL-22194.50198.73202.25138.39202.25
Data online - Futures

Distribution Tariffs

C01d High .4,289.49 CZK/MWhyear average .2,454.24 CZK/MWh
C25d High .4,724.87 CZK/MWhyear average .2,690.58 CZK/MWh
C25d Low .3,241.58 CZK/MWhyear average .1,885.39 CZK/MWh
C62d High .3,804.71 CZK/MWhyear average .2,191.08 CZK/MWh
Electricity and Gas Market for Retail Customers - Actual prices
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  • PPAs in the Greek energy transition: Overrated or underrated?

    [11/29/2021 2:04 PM]

    The gas price crisis has brought about extreme changes in power prices across Europe with Greece having the highest monthly average prices in Europe in August 2021. The economics of gas plants have shifted drastically but the energy transition does not seem threatened. Instead, the economics of renewables look better than ever for the short term. At the same time, medium and large industrial consumers are in a much tougher position and the possibility of long-term PPAs becomes a common thought.

  • Announcement on termination of data provision on the PXE website

    [8/24/2021 1:46 PM]

    We would like to inform you that in the course of September PXE will terminate provision of some of the data that have been available on the PXE website so far. Some of the 15 mins delayed data and all the files for download are affected. These changes are in compliance with EEX Group data provision policy which PXE as a member of EEX Group has to follow. At the same time we are going to introduce new website in brand new graphic and structure.

  • Unlocking the potential of Polish power

    [4/7/2021 2:09 PM]

    In February 2021, Polish Power Futures at EEX achieved their highest monthly volume so far with 438 GWh traded. February also saw the successful launch of the Polish day-ahead auctions operated by EPEX SPOT, coupled via the Multi-Regional Coupling, ensuring one single price in Poland and providing reliable price signal to the market.

  • 100 TWh – record volumes on PXE

    [12/18/2018 11:06 AM]

    Trading volumes on Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) are record-breaking. The electricity market has reached total volume of 100 TWh since the beginning of the year. The volumes increased significantly in comparison to last year.

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